PRJ files are just odd

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PRJ files are just odd

Post by nightbanshee »

Just a comment on PRJ files in MW2. I've got a sick hobby of looking at older games files, in particular their archive files. I've always been fascinated by them because they really are like miniature file systems. I try to understand them, reverse engineer them, and write some code to import export resources, etc. I realize MechVM already does this to an extent. I've spent about 6 hours on PRJ files so far while looking through MechVM's source as well as the PRJ files in a hex editor.

PRJ files are just not very elegant when compared to some of the other ones I've looked at. Especially from this general time period (1995). Examples would be Quake PAK files and Build Engine GRP files. I'm working through the PRJ file format slowly and am taking a lot of notes on the format. They're sitting in a private Github repository right now. I may release them when I think I have enough info to be of help to someone else.

Also I want to thank Skyfaller for putting a lot of work into his PRJ reader code and making it available. I'm sure there are others that have put work into understanding PRJ files as well. The weird indirection of sort-of directories within directories would be nearly impossible to figure out otherwise.

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PRJ files are just odd

Post by EddieSGophy »

Ok, I read in the wiki that the .mapx files are created with an editor not available to users, but the -oof files can be modified, my question is HOW?

How do you open the .oof files for editing and what can you do with them?

Can you add new cities?

New resources?

etc. etc.

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