CPU Affinity Batch File

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CPU Affinity Batch File

Post by Archon »

Got a work around for you kids using multicore processors with cpugrabber and all that fancy. Instead of using Process Lasso, you can just make a batch file, and launch the apps through the command prompt, which in-turn allows you to set the cpu affinity automatically.

I've a dual core setup, so I just have my handy batch file launch two instances of cpugrabber, each with a different core, and then netmech on a single core (If you ain't know, a batch file is just *.bat file edited through notepad). I installed netmech to the default directory, and have cpugrabber.exe in that same directory, so it looks something like this:

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cd C:\Progra~1\NetmechDos\
start /affinity 2 cpugrab.exe
start /affinity 1 cpugrab.exe
start /affinity 1 Netmechdos.exe
So what's this business? The /affinity will assign the program to whatever core you want (it's 1/2 in this, not 0/1). So with a single click, we've two cpugrabbers each assigned to a core, and then netmech on a single core. Just set their throttling to what you needs, and you're kosher.

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Re: CPU Affinity Batch File

Post by Sir MMPD Radick »

Just found out.
To those on XP this will not work.
This fix only works on vista and above.
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