Did they mispronounce Bannockburn in the game?

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Did they mispronounce Bannockburn in the game?

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I'm curious, did the VA for the Bitching Betty mispronounce Bannockburn in the game during the mission "Mirror Cage" ?
I recently had a job interview with Walgreens at their Bannockburn, IL office.
There, on the phone I mentioned the name of the town, only to be told that it's pronounced "BAN-OCK-BURN", with the first syllable pronounced the same as what the mods did to that spammer who flooded the boards. However in the game it sounds like "BU-NOCK-BURN", with the first syllable sounding like what I put hotdogs or hamburgers on.
I have to say the game influenced me in how to [mis]pronounce the name of the town. I played the game in 1997 as it was bundled with my PowerMac 6500/300, I never visited the town until 2013, and I did not get corrected until 2019. So from 1997 until now I thought it was pronounced wrong because of MW2.

So, is it just a local pronunciation, or did they mispronounce it in the game?

Note that I'm most familiar with the Mac version, but I picked up the PC version of MW2 & GBL about 5 years ago give or take a year at a library "book sale". I didn't notice any difference in the sounds.

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Re: Did they mispronounce Bannockburn in the game?

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That is a good question really. I don't think I even ever thought about that. I always ignored most of the pronunciations of the game.

As for voices between games, I am pretty sure they all were the same across games except mercenaries getting a few more.
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