Difficulty Settings

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Difficulty Settings

Post by Hockey85 »

Playing Mech2 again, for the first time since I was a kid.

I did a few missions of the Wolf campaign, on medium difficulty to get back into it, decided it was way too easy, so I started over on Hard difficulty.

Basically, I don't notice any difference on hard difficulty. MAYBE, it seems like some of the enemies take longer to kill, but not by much. I read the manual and it doesn't really give a clear description of the differences between easy-medium-hard.

What are the actual differences made to the game between medium-hard?

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Re: Difficulty Settings

Post by slickrcbd »

Yes, there were. On harder difficulties, your shots do less damage while enemies do more damage. This is most noticeable when you are trying to destroy those super-tough dropships, especially in the mission "Sable Flame" when doing it in the time limit is difficult, or in the mission "Plum Wine" when they sometimes take off and hover out of range.
Also I swear the enemies shoot just a little bit better and slightly faster, but not by much. It seems that way, like they introduce a pause between volleys.
Mostly, it is the damage and the number of shots it takes to destroy a target. It's only really noticeable on the assault 'mechs, buildings, and the dropships.
I have little difficulty destroying the dropships in "Sable Flame" with a Firemoth and 8 (extra heatsink) or 10 small lasers (more burst, longer cooldown) on Easy, but sometimes run out of time on Hard.

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Re: Difficulty Settings

Post by CommanderHunter »

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