TrialCheat - Can't stand fixed mechs in trials? Try this!

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TrialCheat - Can't stand fixed mechs in trials? Try this!

Post by Col.Kell »

Inspired by this thread, I decided to make a neat little utility that enables you to use any mech in the game on the Trial of Position levels on 31stCC. This one was more of a challenge and learning experience with batch files (I previously underestimated their potential) than it was with BWD modding.
The hard part was even though I inserted into the SCN1 files for the trials the inclusion for userstar, the game shell would not allow people to access the mech lab in those missions.

So to raise the barrier of inconvenience, I made a few batch files that would automate many tasks, including rewritting a renamed userstar so that the player can choose his mech while at the same time preventing the sim from overwritting it.

You can use any mech, including even any of the 3 hidden mechs if you wish! Simply start a ToG mission, exit, click on the batch file that rewrites the userstar file, pick the ToP mission you want, and presto! No more mech restrictions! :twisted:
.bat fixed TrialCheat package
(62.33 KiB) Downloaded 432 times
This mod was made for the English Pentium Edition of MW2:31stCC. It, its patcher, and unpatcher has been tested under and works on Windows 95' edition. It has not been tested under but should work on DOS.

If you download this package, PLEASE post your input! Your opinions help to better improve my creations. :ugeek:

EDIT: I retested my mod recently, I have identified and repaired a bug in the ENABLE batch file that causes a stall when the temp file the mod produces exists or when the modded userstar.bwd already exists.
And also, when you download this mod, be aware every time you want to use a different mech in the ToP missions you have to run ENABLE.BAT prior to running the trial missions each time.
Sorry 'bout that.
MechWarrior 2: 31stCC

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Slavick Kell
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House Steiner Private
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Re: TrialCheat - Can't stand fixed mechs in trials? Try this!

Post by Slavick Kell »

Pretty nice tool! So this is how you won the trials eh?.. ;)

I.S. Baby
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Re: TrialCheat - Can't stand fixed mechs in trials? Try this!

Post by deadlyseneschal »

is there something exactly like this except that works for all missions rather than just the trials?

my apologies if there is, i really tried to look thoroughly. or is there some reason thats completely unnecessary? i mean i realize you can select your mech in the regular missions, but what if you wanted to have extra starmates or go over the weight limit?

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