Play Mechwarrior 2 with an Xbox 360 controller!

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Play Mechwarrior 2 with an Xbox 360 controller!

Post by Col.Kell »

Hello all!

Just wanted to share a little something with those of you who play Xbox and MW2; you can play with an Xbox 360 controller!

Here's how-to:
1. Click here to get the drivers required to start. You will be asked a couple of questions about your OS to download the correct .dll files.

2. After you have downloaded the driver, plug-in your controller and go to your computer's control pannel, click "game controllers" and configure it whatever way. Hit "default settings/config" to make sure it is aligned correct.

3. It can take you forever to get the feel you want, so I have a pre-configured lay-out for download:
(630 Bytes) Downloaded 1113 times
. Download it over your existing file in your Mechwarrior 2 directory.

4. Go to the configuration settings option on MW2, and hit "LOAD CUSTOM #1", the config should be named "Xbox 360". Accept the settings, and your done! :D

Let me know if you have any difficulties, I'll gladly help out!
Upon SPECIAL REQUEST, I might help out if you want to play using a Wii, or PS3 controller
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Re: Play Mechwarrior 2 with an Xbox 360 controller!

Post by Mojoswagger1980 »

hi ,
i tried this and igot an error as soon as i go into mission most likely due to the fact i was using a ps4 controller. Anyway im posting not to inform you of this . Im writing to inform you of an unintentional side effect . It crashes the mission upon entry but exits to mission completion giving credit for all objectives including tertiary targets . I just thought it worth mentioning and if the offer still stands id like a ps3/ps4 controller mapping (same thing minus touchpad) im using it now mapped completely as a keyboard, having tried mapping it as two button and mouse but there is noway to properly calibrate the analogs.
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