Basic Sibko Regestry Hacking

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Basic Sibko Regestry Hacking

Post by Col.Kell »

Hacking the sibko regestry:
You will need a hex editor to moddify the file "mw2reg.cfg".

jump from level to level:
At address Ch=12 is the number that tells the game what mission you are on. Edit it to play another mission. (Also good for jumping to the bloodright trials on GBL)

Change rank:
The first number on the second row is your rank, you may enter a number up to 08, which will make you a Khan. (Note: You will crash the game if you go too high in rank and then play a trial of position for a rank that doesn't exist!)

other numbers will tell the game what your honor is and stuff like that.
GBL is similar, with a few minor differences.
Feel free to share your experience! I will try to answer questions.
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Re: Basic Sibko Registry Hacking

Post by Skyfaller »

(It may be a little late but) thanks for posting this. I used this today to return to an earlier mission that the sim skipped after crashing.

Just thought I'd add a little more detail. MW2REG.CFG consists of records. The first record starts at offset 0, and all records have size 60. The first 10 records are reserved for Clan Wolf, so the Falcon records start at offset 600.

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