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MechWarrior 2 - Windows 95 (Pentium/Vanilla/Netmech)

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:28 am
by Sir MMPD Radick
This version is very easy to get running generally, unless you have the retail Pentium version.
The retail Pentium version for some reason has a difference in the mech2.exe therefore it is incompatible with slugs patch.

However, if you have the pentium version that was not retail and was part of a bundle that version is generally compatible.
I would like to say that all of the non retail versions will work, but there are far too many different bundles for me to make that statement.

Now that I have said that, the simple answer is the following:

1. Download slugs patch here, and apply it to your mech2 directory.

2. After you have done that then you must set the compatibility mode of the mech2.exe. So in order to do that you need to browse to the directory where mech2 is located which is usually c:\Mech2\ or C:\Program Files\Activision\Mech2\ and then right click the mech2.exe and hit properties. Now that you are In the properties you will see a compatibility mode setting. You need to set the compatibility mode to Windows 98 or 95 it really does not make a difference which of the two you choose they work the same.

After you have done that, you are done, and are free to enjoy mech2! :)

Alternatively you could use the new wrapper, it does work, but it does have a bug in mechlab... you will only be able to use stock.
It can be fixed however if you combine the patch above (Extract it with 7-zip or another tool instead of installing) with this and use /-mechlab /-startup switches with the shortcut. Since the original patch does not have very many bugs, the advantage to doing this on top of the patch is that the player is capable of taking advantage of jumpjet and heat fix in the new wrapper.

Re: MechWarrior 2 - Windows 95 (Pentium/Vanilla/Netmech)

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:21 am
by Col.Kell
Sir MMPD Radick wrote:... it does work, but it does have a bug in mechlab... you will only be able to use stock.
I have been able to use custom MEKs while running GBL and Mercs under the hook, though it is a bit sloppy, it requires using an alternate USERSTAR.BWD, renamed and modded to where it looks for a certain external MEK file or BWD... and then the SCN1 file for the mission(s) you would want to play would have to be told to accept a renamed USERSTAR and not the original...

But you can use custom mechs, its just often times a hassle and you've gotta go to those lenghts to do so.
But the same way I made KAM, you could do the same thing for GBL or Mercs to use custom MEKs.

MechWarrior 2 Windows 95 Pentium/Vanilla/Netmech

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:18 pm
by EddieSGophy
As per title has anyone got mechwarrior 2 3dfx to work in Windows 10? It now crashes after starting the mission