MechWarrior 2 DOS - Install Guide for DOSBOX

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MechWarrior 2 DOS - Install Guide for DOSBOX

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Pretty much the installation of Mech2 through dosbox requires a few extra steps than normally would be required, but in the end it is considered the most stable solution.
However, there is no substitute for a good old 300mhz computer.

Anyway with that said here is what needs to be done.
  1. Install Dosbox
  2. Create a directory that you would like for the root of DOSBOX. I would suggest C:\DOSBOX_GAMES\ or something like that.
    If you are on vista it must be the above directory. DO NOT put it in Program Files or user directories.
  3. Download Clone CD's demo if you do not own it.
  4. Insert MechWarrior 2 DOS
  5. Open Clone CD and create an img/cue of MechWarrior 2, save it somewhere you can find it.
    Make sure you check the Create Cue sheet checkbox.
  6. In your start menu and open the dosbox.conf file.
  7. At the bottom where it says autoexec put the following lines:
    (Please note all parts of this that have paths need to be changed to where your files are.)
    mount C C:\DOSBOX\
    imgmount D "K:\Virtual CD's\MW2.cue" -t iso
  8. Install MechWarrior 2 through dosbox.
Question: Why did we make an ISO/CUE?
Answer: DOSBOX cannot detect the cd even if you mount it.

Question: Why should I use DOSBOX instead of running MechWarrior 2 DOS straight?
Answer: The jets recharge better, there are less crashes, and in some cases it will solve the rainbow world bug.

Question: I have Vista will this work?
Answer: Yes! There is no other reliable method to get Mech2 to run in Vista.

For more installation help please see the Non-DOSBOX DOS mech2 FAQ.
Please note the other guide will not be helpful with Vista.
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