DOSBox Framerates in Mercs

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I.S. Baby
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DOSBox Framerates in Mercs

Post by winterlight »

I've noticed that with the texturing and lighting in MERCS, that MECH2 and GBL don't have, the game runs frame-y even with DOSbox on 'max' and on a pretty fast machine (i7-3960X @4.4GHz, 750Ti with 16GB RAM, RAID 0 Samsung 860 Pro SSDs, Windows 8.1 Pro)

This seems to be a limitation of the game/DB combo because MECH2 and GBL run smooth as butter on the same machine. (@ 1024x768)

I have a dedicated DOS machine built specifically for overkill for these games and MERCS runs without being framey on this machine (P4 @3,4GHz, Geforce 6800 GT, 512MB RAM, SSD, DOS 6.22) But the hardware is still pretty old and I fear the day that one of these components just stop working...

But there seems to be a cap on MERCS framerates on DOSbox. This is subjective since I don't know of a framecounter I can use.

Any DB gurus who have gotten MERCS to run smoothly with DB? Is the answer in dosbox.conf? (I've done a crapload of tweaking in dosbox.conf though) A specific CPU?
I'll do anything to get this to run faster in DB on a modern PC.

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Re: DOSBox Framerates in Mercs

Post by CommanderHunter »

hey there, this is a long-time issue even nowadays, it seems that the only real thing you can do is make sure the CPU on the computer you use for DOSBox has as few cores as possible. DOSBox is a single-core process, and such processes don't run as efficiently on processors like i7's, due to their high core count and the fact those CPU's are made with that in mind.
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