How do INSTALL through DOSBOX?

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Re: How do INSTALL through DOSBOX?

Post by REDSLATE »

I have also had trouble trying to install Mercs on DosBox(0.73). I mounted my disk drive (d:\) properly, ran the install.exe program, and recieved the following message: Error Code 9005 The installer was unable to find a suitable temporary directory. You may specify one on the command line by invoking: D:\DOS\INSTALL.EXE SwapDir=d:\path If your computer is part of a network, please ensure that you have adequate rights to create a subdirectory and a file on the path you specify. How do I correct this error or install Mercs another way? BTW: I also tried backing the disc up to the hard drive and running DosBox on it. It seemed to install properly, though it gives me an error stating that I need to reinstall it using the disc.
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Re: How do INSTALL through DOSBOX?

Post by Sir MMPD Radick »

Simplest way to install mercs dos is through vmware.
It works on Windows XP and above.

btw thx for the command line info i had not seen that switch before! :)
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Re: How do INSTALL through DOSBOX?

Post by Mojoswagger1980 »

You have to make a virtual copy of your disc!!!! Dosbox has a known bug which generates a no-cd warning with the actual game . Its dosbox issue that is corrected by simply ripping a bin/cue file from original cd.
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