Accidentally Applied Patch to Disc

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Accidentally Applied Patch to Disc

Post by Havokq3 »

I believe that I have finally figured out why I'm having so many problems with the Windows 95 1.1 version of Mercs on Windows 7. Years ago, when I tried patching my 1.05 game to 1.1, I suspect that I (somehow) managed to apply the patch to the disc. I have evidence that supports this, such as the "mixed up" shell sounds (from trying to load the old ones over the new) and the fact that my disc is a 1.05 Win95/DOS disc, which I made sure sure wasn't a rip-off on the versions list; yet when I install the game, I have dynamic salvage, and it reports that it is version 1.1. And now my question is, can I alleviate this problem and restore my game to how it was? I was thinking of downloading a disk image of the 1.05 and overwriting my disc (again), but I'm not sure if that would work or not.
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Re: Accidentally Applied Patch to Disc

Post by navbuoy »

I thought the patches did not go forward if you had the wrong version? I guess so seeing as it was DOS back then and did not run checks beforehand. 20/20 hindsight - before applying anything - back up the entire image - rename it and store it someplace safe in case things do not go according as planned.

Got to be careful with those Dual versions - if you have applied the DOS patch then load the DOS mode (not the Windows mode) and see how it behaves.

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Re: Accidentally Applied Patch to Disc

Post by Mojoswagger1980 »

Im pretty sure you just need to make a new cuesheet or you didnt mount the .cue to begin with. Its not possible to apply a patch to the actual cd. Instructions for making .cue file can be googled if your mounting mercen~1.bin, then try mounting mercen~2.cue (the cuesheet is responsible for ingame soundtrack, you would still have sound effects just no background music if you were mounting the binary)

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