800x600 in DOS Mercs 1.6

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I.S. Baby
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800x600 in DOS Mercs 1.6

Post by hey-pi-ron »

Is it possible to set resolution to 800x600 in DOS Mercs? I can set only 320x240,640x480 and 1024x768. If it possible - tell me how, please? Maybe some custom unofficial patch or something.

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House Steiner Corporal
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Re: 800x600 in DOS Mercs 1.6

Post by Havokq3 »

No, it is not possible to play in 800x600 with non-3d enhanced versions; unless you set the game to run in an 800x600 window in dosbox.conf, but that would simply stretch the window to fill a 800x600 space on the desktop.
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Re: 800x600 in DOS Mercs 1.6

Post by Mojoswagger1980 »

To my knowledge you cant mod the dos resolution. You have to choose one of the three, but hey the windows version only gets two without mod .

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