Mission: Babysit. Bugged?

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I.S. Baby
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Mission: Babysit. Bugged?

Post by captainivan »

so i'm playing the DOS version of mercs with the help of Mech VM , but i've noticed that everytime i do this mission i seem to fail it even though Prince Luther's mech is still alive and reaches the dustoff site. (well as close to reaching the way point as he gets) i'm guessing this is a bug unless i'm totally missing something so i was wondering if there was a patch i needed or something i could do to fix this

I.S. Baby
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Re: Mission: Babysit. Bugged?

Post by Crovax »

Realize this is an old question, but ran into the exact same issue. (Also had an issue that the game would crash with some sort of overload everytime I destroy the pirate Jenner.)

Solved it by using the cheats (play normally, except destroy the Jenner with ctrl+shift+alt and typing REDJACKANDTIKRULES, then just before you reach the dustoff site, force successful mission completion by using another cheat: ctrl+shift+alt whilst typing LIKETHECOMSTARBABY.

Not the most elegant solution, but for the most part you're still playing the mission like you're supposed to, you get the proper Aftermath text, and the credits you're entitled to.

Kilroy Sui
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Re: Mission: Babysit. Bugged?

Post by Kilroy Sui »

I have experienced this as well. Unfortunately, while I generally enjoy the DOS version of Mercenaries the most, it is almost always unplayably bugged without cheats. This mission might be the furthest I ever got. If you can download the titanium edition and live without some of the soundtrack you'll have a better gaming experience.

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