Dynamic Salvage breaks the Star League cache

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I.S. Baby
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Dynamic Salvage breaks the Star League cache

Post by Vandervecken »

Hi folks,
Just documenting this for anyone who comes after me. It appears that using Mercenaries 1.1 and the dynamic salvage system breaks expected behaviour of missions that reward you with caches of weapons.
For example, the Gravenhague mission "Glittering Gold", where you find the Star league weapons cache, doesn't give you the weapons any more. Only items that are found on Mechs killed can be taken as salvage.

While I haven't progressed far enough, I expect this applies to other missions, including:
The Luthien missions
MAS7 on Unzmarkt
MASG in an undisclosed location


I.S. Baby
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Re: Dynamic Salvage breaks the Star League cache

Post by Mojoswagger1980 »

Yep your correct. Dynamic Salvage negates any of the awards you would get in the dos version. Its actually quite a bit harder in the long run. The dos version guaranteed you a mech plus goodies for every campaign completed. No such love in titanium and 95. it becomes really noticeable about 4 or 5 campaigns in. Lol u have 400 broken jump jets but no mech for them :(

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