Norton Anti-Virus Issues

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I.S. Baby
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Norton Anti-Virus Issues

Post by landryan »

Hi - tried to use MechVM but got 3 antivirus warnings from Norton... is there some way to exonorate these or prove they're not malicious?

Files are:

Appreciate it's an old game and going to cause havoc with windows... but could this be resolved?
I.S. Mech Washer
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Re: Norton Anti-Virus Issues

Post by slickrcbd »

I haven't used Norton in over ten years since Comcast stopped providing a complimentary subscription (they switched to McAfee).
However, there used to be a way to send false positives to Symantec for analysis.
There were two ways to do it, one in the program and another on the web.

This information is at least ten years out of date. I don't recall the details and they have probably changed.
Look around in the program's help and on their website on how to submit false positive reports.

I know I had an issue with the "Test Out" study guides for some of the Microsoft certifications for MCSA (I think it was for Server 2008, might have been the old one for Server 2003) coming up with a false positive, and later a trainer for a game.
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