MW2 1.1 patch in DOSBox?

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MW2 1.1 patch in DOSBox?

Post by AJL1983 »

I saw a thread on here about this, and I am having similar trouble.

Mechwarrior 2 runs flawlessly in DOSBox/MechVM for me, but I'd love to have that good ole glitch with the right side taking all the damage fixed. Now I ran the patch in DOSBox, which seems to come up with a C:\MW2-31ST as a directory when I hit DIR (but in reality, the game is buried in Program Files/MechVM/games/etc etc etc....). patch runs and claims it's complete, but nothing happens nor can I locate the extracted files.

My last experience with this game/patch was back in my DOS days. Is it as simple as just finding/replacing the files listed in the README from the patch? It looks like all it does is extract and replace files....sooooooo shouldn't I be able to just replace them manually within the actual directory MechVM installed it to? The only problem is that I would need the actual 1.1 files listed in the README and not the patch/exe... can anyone help??? Thanks.

Running on a Windows 7 (service pack 1) machine from 6 years ago.
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