Music only plays in some missions

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Music only plays in some missions

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I got an original copy of Mechwarrior 2 MS-Dos version that I've got running through MechVM without issue. I though that everything was running fine until i was half way through the Jade Falcon campaign and realised that there was no music playing during the mission. I loaded up some of the earlier mission and the music was playing file for the first 3 mission and then stops. I tried it for the Wolfs missions and same story. :?

I've managed to play the whole music catalog off the CD without issue so I know that its not the CD that is corrupted.

I'm also running the game off PowerISO copy of my Cd using the .Cue file as recommended.

It very strange that the music is fine for the first 2 to 3 missions and then just never plays in any missions after. All other sound and out of mission music is fine.

Has anyone experienced similar issue before? and knows if there is a fix out there?
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