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Win95 vs Titanium

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:09 pm
by slickrcbd
When I got a PowerMac 6500/300 back in 1997, it came with MechWarrior2, but they never released a Mac version of GBL or Mercenaries.
Years later, I came across GBL for the PC along with MW2 that installs under Windows 9SE and XP of MW2 in a library "book Sale", but not Mercenaries.
A few years after that, I found the Titanium Edition, and only installed Mercenaries. I've only been able to get Mercinaries to work with Windows 98SE.

I was wondering, is there any reason to install the Titanium version of MW2 or GBL when I've already got the Win95 versions installed? Such as benefits or differences?