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Mechwarrior 2 for Playstation

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:46 am
by StarCol.Kelakdar
Hey all! Been a long time since I have posted on here. Thanks to the guys behind this site for helping me get Mech2 working on my win7 pc! Awesome.

I wanted to put a good word in for a very unpopular game among many mech2 fans (it seems anyways)...Mechwarrior 2 for Ps1 (well, for Ps3 now which runs it better anyway).

I played and still play the PC versions of Mech 2. I became a fan of the Ps1 port because at one point it was all I could play having no pc that could handle mech2 in those days, so I played the heck out of this game for awhile.

The playstation version of Mech2 is plagued by a couple design flaws, however, these can be ammended slightly by using some of the many cheat codes available for the game. The graphics are similar (similar I said) to the ATI 3D rage edition (clouds and terrain only), but the mechs have rather bad AI. At least they are agressive though, like, very aggressive and use full on alpha strikes all the time. Playing the game on hard is best unless you want a cake walk, some of the missions can be hilariously hard.

The codes that make the game better unlock the Tarantula and Elemental mechs, extra varients for all other mechs (which helps to alleviate the lack of a customization mech lab) and throttle lock (which allows the throttle to function exactly like the pc version, and gives you the freedom to control your torso and weapons and jumpjets without holding down the throttle button). All other cheats are silly invincibility and so on. Items work very well in this game and have to be strategically will run out of ammo, and you will nearly die alot, and you will need the sprint item (fives a really cool high speed run, try it in the mad dog, it is awesome).

The game focuses on speed and strategies differ from the PC game for several reason, although the basic idea is the same. The extra missions have lots of mechs and tend to throw it all at you.

It uses the soundtrack from MW2 Mercs, and that works alright, but it doesnt make sense since you are the does add intensity at times though.

The game has a hidden control option..
if you double tap the shoulder button on either side your pilot will glance in that direction...which is pretty awesome considering that initally I thought there was no free look at all.

Sadly there are no options for image enhancement, light amplification, star mates, radar settings, external camera settings, no battlemaster, no marauder, no warhammer, and no ammo also uses a more simplified damage damage system in which losing a leg means your mech blows up. If I remember correctly heat tracking is a bit different as well...but you can still overheat and shut down.

Anyway, it is a fun game if you can forgive the fact that it dropped a bunch of PC features...I see it as a totally separate game, and think it is cool that the playstation got some good mech action. Oh yeah, and the music is on the disc, so enjoy that on your drive to work! Cheers all!