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I.S. Baby
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Gunstargreen »


Mechwarrior 2 and the Wing Commander games were some of my first PC games so that explains why I'm always coming back to them.
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Keebler »


I remember sitting in the game store on launch day. Begged and Begged my grandmother to take me to the book store (the game store was attached), so that I could sneak in and play it on their Demo PC. Must have played for 30 straight minutes before I got kicked off. Got MW2: 31cc for Christmas later that year. Didn't have many people to play Netmech with, so I usually just stuck to single player. Didn't matter how many times I beat it. I'd just restart, and play again.

Years went by, and now, with the glory of WINE and DOSBOX, we can play it again on our much "better" operating systems. Nostalgia sure is an impetus for innovation. Especially for old games.
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Rapidfire »

16, but I was really young when I played MW2 for the first time. Old enough to beat it, but to young to understand or remember it. I have a funny story about that. I've been using computers for years, so when we moved to that apartment, my mom went and salvaged a blue and green heavy wooden desk off the corner of the road somewhere. So I use this desk as my computer desk for like 2 months. Suddenly I have the inspiration to look through the drawers. In the main one I find a black and orange disk that says Mech Warrior 2. I was like "Yay a game." And that happens to be how I first got into the Battletech series. (and I still use that desk today; sitting at it now)
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House Steiner Private
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Re: Age Poll

Post by RL_Nice »

I'm twenty.

I bought (or rather, my mom bought for me) Mechwarrior 2 back when it was still in every store. I had no idea how to play it, but boy, did I have fun.

Only a year and a half ago did I decide to revisit the game and figure out how to play it for real. I beat it in a week.

My mom's old computer also came with MW2: Mercenaries. I didn't get to play it much though, because some ********** used the computer and messed it up so that it couldn't play the game. Strangely, everything else worked fine at the time.
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Gorgon »

Madrak wrote:42.
Same. Though he's got a few years on me since that post at least.
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Tim.A »

Wow, are there really 50 year old people on these forums?
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Madrak »


Not 50 yet, only 45.

Sheesh, you young whipper-snappers. Why I remember back in my day we had to craft our Mechs out of dirt and cow dung. And we liked it that way.


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Re: Age Poll

Post by aDuck »


MW2 was the first computer game I ever played, and was just too awesome :D
Just trying to start it up this time, and now I will remember to look at the controls first. Who knew you could make groups for guns...
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Re: Age Poll

Post by Meekrat »

I was 12-13 first time i played Mw2.. back in 1999 I believe. I am 26 now

Re: Age Poll

Post by SugarPryde »

It's rather amazing to see people still wanting to play this game... I was 14 when I started playing this on Mplayer... I'll soon be 29.
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