Class & Game Play Rules

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Class & Game Play Rules

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Class rules are from the MNL League
Class 1: Energy Weapons only. (Lasers and PPC's)

Class 2: Stock Mechs (any mech and its primary and alternate configurations) no customization.

Class 3: Choose a Stock mech to modify.
The Warrior must not add ANY Projectile/Ballistic/Missile weapons or ammunition to the stock mech.
The Warrior may only use the projectile weapons and the ammunition that is supplied with the stock mech.
The Warrior must not interchange one Projectile weapon for another or its ammo.
The Warrior must not mix weapons or ammo from one variant to another. If one variant has 6 SSRM2s and another has 1SSrm you cannot make a mech with 7 SSRM2s
A warrior may make any other changes including adding jump jets, energy weapons or removing projectile/missile/ballistic weapons.

Class 4: 2 missile launchers of any kind with 2 tons ammo each. 2 auto cannons of any kind with 2 tons ammo each. Any number of machine-guns with no limit on ammo. Any number of Gauss Cannons with no limit on ammo.

Class 5: 4 missile launchers, 3 tons ammo max. for each launcher. Any Ballistic/Projectile/NON-missile weapons or amount of ammo.

Class 6: Unlimited in design

Class 7: Unlimited in design except that there will be no guided missiles. SRM ok SSRM not. no LRM. Unlimited otherwise.
Here is other general rules from the Blackstar League.
Legging and Leaving a 'Mech without finishing the kill in a timely manner, will result in a -1 kill to the offender. The same rule applies to Hulling and leaving a Mech. Hulling is when you fire upon a 'Mech until you turn him red and knock off all your opponents weapons. Leaving a hulled 'Mech and not finishing the kill in a timely manner will result in a -1 kill. A timely manner is considered around 30 seconds. This rule does not apply if the 'Mech that is legged or hulled decides to run and hide. If the aggressor can not find the 'Mech then there is no way for him to finish it in this time frame. It does also not apply if the warrior becomes engaged with another enemy and is unable to destroy the 'Mech in question.
Killing a teammate will result in a total of a -2 score for the offending player. The -1 is already recorded on the hud while the second -1 is added to that mentally as to discourage further team kills.

Death From Above miscounts. On occasion kills from dfas will be miscounted on the hud.
If this is to happen the player will claim the kill by calling 'mine' or something similar to that and also say -1 to whoever got his kill.
After which that player will mentally note down that he has one extra kill than the hud dictates.
If there is a argument as to who actually got the kill it is suggested that a player call hold so that it can be straightened out.
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