Cooperative Mechwarrior Game?

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Kilroy Sui
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Cooperative Mechwarrior Game?

Post by Kilroy Sui »

Hey all, I've recently been trying to get into cooperative gaming for a new youtube channel. I would very much like to do something with Mechwarrior but there don't seem to be any options I know of for cooperative play. I know Mechassault 2 has coop for its Grinder mode but that is a bit simplistic and I do not have the desire to dredge up my old xbox and buy a second for that game alone.

The only other options seem to be general multiplayer gaming like MWO or MWLL which I don't really desire to return to.

Are there any obscure mods for the games which would allow for campaign or scenario mission coop?
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House Steiner Private First Class
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Re: Cooperative Mechwarrior Game?

Post by Striker »

I remember playing MW4: Mercs using some mod to go cooperative. Was kind of buggy though.
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