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Great stuff

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:04 pm
by Kodiak
Hi, iam new to these boards but i've been watching for a year now, and ive played Mw2 since i was 5 (love mechwarrior 2 Ghost Bears Legacy) iam currently still playing it today :) iam also in university studying games design thanks too the 2 most awsome games on earth, Quake and Mechwarrior. these two games have given me a strong desier to take up games design. now iam not a programmer but iam an exceptional modeler. so if its possible to add new mechs/models (or when its possible) i would really like to help with the project. thanks for reading keep up the awsome stuff guys.

just some of my stuff

no hard feelings if the team is already full i compeltly understand :)

Re: Great stuff

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:55 pm
by Col.Kell
Hey Kodiak! Nice of you to join us!

Like you I love Mechwarrior 2, and have devoted much of my time to understanding what made the game tick, and so I came up with many cool mods that are only avalible on this site! Check Kell's Workshop out of you wanna see. :)

As for the modeling/modding/development team, there's no real "team" to it. Anyone can come and give what they wish to share and help other people with what they have. If you want to, you can Private Message "Skyfaller" if you are interested in modeling. He'd be glad to have you aboard.

Pretty awesome stuff you made btw. nice work 8-)

Re: Great stuff

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:16 am
by Skyfaller
Welcome to!

We are making models here, but it's not a very important task right now, as I am not certain where exactly these projects will lead. One avenue would be adding the mechs to the existing simulation, the other is to rewrite that simulation. Both avenues require a slightly different approach. Anyway, I want to recreate the shell first. But if you're eager about modeling, I have two projects that you could do. If you take these projects, I will comment the images you post. The most important rule when modeling mechs is to keep the details and camo textures separate, so that we can create new textures by combining the details texture with different camo textures. You might wish to share your work with the guys at, who would integrate it into MW3 or make paper craft from it.

The first project is the Mist Lynx/Koshi, a Clan Omnimech, weighing 25 tons.This is the Sarna article, and some painting schemes can be found here.

The other project is the Ostscout, which I wanted to make, but haven't had the time to start on it yet. The mech has been discussed here.

And good luck with your studies!