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Re: Missing Attachments

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Sir MMPD Radick wrote:Sorry all, apparently the backup that I made was erased and the upgrade that I made failed so most of the attachments last week disappeared.
This will not effect most of the downloads section as those are not attachments mostly.

The screenshot section is the most problematic.
Most of the screenshots are missing.. at this point I am considering dumping all the threads in the screenshot section except a few.
Not sure at this point.

Again I am sorry, I messed up throughly.
Can you try to make a new one. And fast. I need that about now.
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Re: Missing Attachments

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Attachments are lost. Nothing can be done by that.
If you are talking about your other posts with regards to mercnet. (which is not mercenaries single player by the way), we do not handle that download.
It is something Myg made.
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