(OLD NOT VALID) Weekly Friday MechWarrior 2 Games

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(OLD NOT VALID) Weekly Friday MechWarrior 2 Games

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Rescheduled to Saturdays 5 PM PST.

We are going attempting to get a regularly scheduled game set every Friday at around 5 PM PST.
So, if anyone wants to join in the more the merrier!

Netmech games will be setup in IRC at irc.gri-network.com #netmech or using the browser based IRC chat index.html
Of course the Netmech installer is free and available as a standalone download which you may be able to grab on the netmech thread.

Also as usual we will be playing by the old MNL/MCWL league class rules system, so if you are not familiar with this please familiarize yourself with it.
The build of installer we have on the site does have premade class mechs, but I am sure you guys will want to make your own ahead of time.

We also stream the games most of the time.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Fridays!

-Sir MMPD Radick
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