Netmech Package Updated - Fixed Server Info

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Netmech Package Updated - Fixed Server Info

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I probably should have posted this a few weeks ago, but I did not think about it.
We have a new Netmech package thanks to Myg! Basically we stripped out alot of stuff (Mechlab, MLM, IRC Client), so this is a basic install of Netmech.

It is very simple, just a couple clicks and you are up and running. No changing of the conf file or anything else.
If you have tried the package in the past and were turned off by the file change then you will like this.

Now to reiterate, this only comes with premade mechs now. This means if you want to add more mechs you will need to either install MechWarrior 2 and import more mechs yourself, or you will need to copy the MW2SHELL.EXE into the directory where netmech is as that allows you to make mechs.

Visit the Netmech thread to pick up the new version!
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