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Here is my FAQ for KAM: Kell's Alternate Mechs, my mod that alows you to use every and any mech, vehicle, and aircraft ever made for MW2:31stCC (plus a custom mech inspired by Mercs NAIS). Should I come up with an updated version of KAM, this FAQ will be edited acordingly. Should you have any questions, please post them in the topic with the latest version of KAM, or in a separate topic, or Private Message me.

Current version is KAM Plus (ignore KAM 1.1 referances)
Click Here - "How do I Install KAM"
To install KAM, download the zip file "KAM1_1" (or latest version), and extract the folder "KAM1.1_INSTALL" with all its contents to your main MW2:31stCC installed directory (I assume its "C:\MECH2"). Next, go into the KAM1.1_INSTALL folder, look over the readme file "README1ST", then run the MSDOS batch file "KAM1.1_INSTALL". Now follow the readme's directions, then get in the game! :)
Click Here - "Does this work with DOS and Windows?"
Answer is yes. This mod was intended for use with the English Pentium versions of Windows 95 and DOS. I have had some reports however, that most vehicles and all aircraft cause game crash under DOS. The reason for this is unknown atm, but I have strong thought that it is the difference in the Windows .DLL type engine, and the DOS .EXE engine.
Click Here - "What versions/conditions are not sutible for KAM?"
If you are using the Titanium Edition of 31stCC, a non-english version, or any type of 3d-enhanced version, be advised that KAM may not function correctly. If you own any of the sort of versions, and want to get KAM working, please PM me or post a new thread regarding it.
Click Here - "Why are some enemy mechs in the campaign not doing anything?"
This was a problem from the previous version of KAM (1.0). I included the modded userstar file in the SCN1 files, but forgot to put them in the mission tables so the enemy mechs would do things. :oops:
If this is happening, please download the new KAM 1.1 version to fix this bug and recieve new vehicles.
Click Here - "I always wanted to try those NAIS mechs and vehicles on Mercs, but I don't have the DOS version, I use the hook. Will there be a KAM for Mercs?"
Ah, noble NAIS... this was the forerunner idea of my mod. I wouldn't mind making a KAM for Mercs, but for a game where you have to buy and pay for your own mechs, weapons and repairs, I think this sort of defeats the whole idea of the game when you change your mech on the fly by renaming just one file. But if you REALY want, feel free to PM me or post a new thread. I'll be glad to make such when I find the time, and include over 300 mech/vehicle/aircraft chassis from NAIS 2.03
Click Here - "Now how about a KAM for GBL? I always wanted to play the I.S. mechs in the campaign, not to mention the I.S. battlesuit and the hidden 31stCC mechs"
For some strange reason I cannot seem to get a KAM to work for GBL. I think the shell interacts too much with the sim to force a PRJ-determaned mech. But then the underwater mech is still the same. Go figure.
Click Here - "Where can I contact Col.Kell?"
You may contact me via PM on mech2.org (primary, fastest response) or email at: "KELL916@GMAIL.COM" (secondary, very slow). Feel free to drop a note any time! :)
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