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Trial of Grievance Map Pack 3 - Battle in an Aerotech!

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:35 pm
by Col.Kell
Here in my Trial of Grievance Map Pack 3, are two new maps:
  • Wotan - Crystalline fields
  • Morges - Ice dunes
On Wotan, you will play in the same invironment you would see in the campaigns; a wide range of crystals as far as the eye can see (only I have made this level to where there are a bit more crystals).

On Morges, you will play as a 3-man aerotech squadron fighting against 5 stars of Battlemechs on a barren ice hillscape with low visibility (I would recommend the missions stay on low vis to preserve their unique environments). In this mission, I have fixed the never-used standard aerotech BWD to where it can now be used, and I have enabled torso-twist on them as well.
Col.Kell's Trial of Grievance Map Pack 3
(51.27 KiB) Downloaded 650 times
To install TOGMP3, all you have to do is unzip this to where the folder "TOGMP3_INSTALL" is located in your main MW2:31stCC installed directory, and then double-click "TOGMP3_INSTALL.BAT", and you're done!
Have fun on the killing fields! ;)

Disclaimer: By downloading TOGMP3 you are affirming that you own either the Pentium Edition of MechWarrior 2: 31stCC, or the Pentium Edition of Ghost Bear's Legacy. Wotan map mod will replace the Garstedt map and Morges map mod will replace Bone Norman map. This mod was produced by Col.Kell on Apr.05.2009 testing under the Win'95 Pentium Edition of MW2:31stCC

Trial of Grievance Map Pack 3 Battle in an Aerotech

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:11 pm
by EddieSGophy
The problem is the map. How can I add a map the slide and highlight the area that I want to add the text on?