Phantom Wolf

Looking for an old friend? Maybe wanting to reminisce about the past history of MechWarrior or Battletech? Post on here!
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Re: Phantom Wolf

Post by Cyril » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:16 pm

hola DX

get on the irc channel:)

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Re: Phantom Wolf

Post by SC-SuperSwoop » Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:09 pm

PW-DX88HPL wrote:No, MNL for Phantom Wolf.... PW-Starlet, PW- Blacktalon, PW-Drakko, PW-Warkat, just to name a few...

In PWL we were Hells Inferno.

Phantom Wolf were a splinter from SC... Blacktalon was Sakhan of SC at the time I was a Star col. Starlet I believe was GC.. We formed PW.. Khan Blacktalon, Sakhan Starlet, GC DX88HPL... SC-Net.Boy hated all of us after we left and tried to get us banned from MNL but everone seen that for what it was, he then tried to ban his players and tried to get others to ban playing us so TC, DR and DJC were the only ones that would war us in the end.

PW had the highest win percentage ever in the MNL 256 wins V 12 Losses in one batchall season.. However, that was our undoing as most of the clans refused to war us and we could not obtain the points to remain in the MNL. At one time our war reporter was deleted to try and get us kicked out of the MNL earlier because of some BS or another.
I know this post is over a year old but as I remember it, Kahn Netboy never was around so BT pretty much ran SC. I was accused of bad mouthing someone and all of a sudden Netboy shows up and demoted me from Star Captain to like recruit. He didn't even ask if I was guilty or for my side of the story.

I went on a bloodright challenge and made my way all the way up to SaKahn BT. We fought for over an hour, he won. After that Netboy demoted me to bottom feeder with no challenge options for two months. I left SC and joined another Clan as Chalcas Wink Wink. Then Netboy turned on you all, he had lost his mind.

If I would have made it past BT - I think SC would have been a lot better off, I would have resigned back to Star Captain and let BT run SC as Kahn.
To err is human to forgive is not SC policy

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Re: Phantom Wolf

Post by BlackTalon » Tue May 08, 2012 9:26 am

Hey guys,

Digging up an old thread. We were the best of the best. There was one clan that was a challenge for us in the beginning? I remember a Joker.....

Would love to put PW back together in Mechwarrior online. Anybody interested? Man it has been a LONG time since we played together. Send me some PM's and we can meet up on teamspeak somewhere to discuss.

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Re: Phantom Wolf

Post by DRxJiN » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:05 am

I remember playing on mplayer in DR when godbox (gk) and Unfadeable were in charge, Chronic, Pain and BlackNyte (he ran that weird timberwolf build with large ER lasers i think) all sound familiar too.

Not sure what league they were in at the time, but I remember a few months (quarters? don't remember how often rankings reset) in a row when DR was in 1st and jade wolf would get second when they were still giving points for losses, sometime after the league changed rules and JW ended up at the bottom where they belonged lol.

Loved those late night grauss FFAs with THC, DR, TC etc

I remember everyone on kali thought GS` were cheaters, when they were just players from mplayer doing even better with the lower lag on kali.

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