The Lost MechWarrior Games History

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The Lost MechWarrior Games History

Post by Marack Drock » Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:55 am

This is my tribute thread to the MechWarrior games that never came to be, but should have. Been doing a lot of research and such into this series and it is really sad to see just how troubled this IP has been in the video game market.

There was: MechWarrior 2: The Clans

This was the original plan for MechWarrior 2 that got pretty decently into development. But... sigh. Unfortunately the team wanted to much stuff and had no focus. Then it all ended.

Here is a link to the full story and the playable demo--

Gameplay footage:


There was also: BattleTech Grey Death Legion for the Sega CD:

This poor ill-fated game was cancelled with the closure of the development company. This was another very sad closure because this game looked like it would have been absolutely awesome if finished. A Beta version was leaked eventually but I have been unable to find it unfortunately. Sigh.

There is some footage (including an intro) that has surfaced:

There was also MechWarrior Prime being developed by FASA and Microsoft once again as a sequel to MW4. From what I can tell it was cancelled after the harsh reception of MechAssault 2 by fans and critics. It was originally supposed to be released in 2007. I unfortunately cannot find much information to add to this. There was not very much public knowledge of this game available. I do know it was using assets from MechAssault and it was going to be released paired with MechAssault 3 (which never came to be).

This is the only footage that I know exists of this game:

MechWarrior by Piranha Games and Smith & Tinker

This was being developed as we all should know, back in like 2009. But because of past transgressions by FASA against Harmony Gold (we should all know what that was), as well as IP licensing being bought completely by PGI, this game was cancelled in favor of what would become MechWarrior Online.


Multiplayer BattleTech 3025

This was a Beta released in 2001 by Kesmai. It was an MMORPG, and later in December of that year this poor game was shut down with no explanation whatsoever. The shutdown in 2001 also affected previous Multiplayer BT game: Multiplayer BattleTech Solaris also by Kesmai. BT3025 featured almost the same level of Community Warfare that we have now. It also incorporated many more BT:TT rules than MW.

Here is footage I found of this poor thing:


MechWarrior Tactics

We all know what happened here. IGP was a horrible publisher and it went bankrupt and Tactic's developers had no involvement in developing the game since 2013. IGP continued to sell Founders packs despite this (just to scrape a few bucks). Infinite Games also (according to rumor) was shutting down, and in 2014 filed for bankruptcy. This project was put on auction and bought some time ago but no word on development has surfaced to my knowledge.


A recent discovery: BattleTech: The Elementals

Discovered here the game's alpha was imbedded in the files of XCOM- Alliance. This was under development by Microprose it seems before all development rights went to Microsoft with the acquisition of FASA Interactive.




It appears these images were part of a Slideshow of a sorts but there are compressed animation files apparently and several missing files as well as an .ini file. This means it was an alpha but the alpha itself is... gone with the wind. If it wasn't a game it was probably a proof of concept being passed by to Microprose higher ups for a possible game. Obviously nothing ever came of this.

And this is all I uncovered of lost BattleTech games.
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