Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

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Sapphire Wolf

Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

Post by Sapphire Wolf »

Not sure where to post this thread, though
Anyways, what are your "oh dang!" momemts in any of the Mechwarrior 2 series. Doesn't have to be super long sentences
Here are the "oh crap moments that I had in the past:
Ghost Bear's Legacy
1. The turrets in the 'Destroy the Orbital Platform' mission in GBL (I was thinking this is not a good place to start, since it's the last mission (if you fail or die in a mission once)
2. I saw my brother play the last Jade Falcon trial and I was like, "this doesn't look good", since you pilot the Firemoth vs. the Marauder 2C and Dire Wolf
3. the final part of the Cold Crescent mission (with the critical meltdown), because I didn't know I need to escape (this is during my childhood) (yes that was pretty unwise of me)
In general
4. over-heating, because I didn't realize I was firing too much due to, once again, my illogical childhood.
5. The Ice Ship mission- I though I was on planet but it turned out to be some type of Mobile Ice Platform with engines (or rather, a ship that is basically a huge chunk of ice)
6. Instant action's defend scenarios, you start far away from your defend goal, it's rather frustrating with a rather slow mech.
7. the "escape from New Ivarson", I though I would be stranded on planet but it turns out I'll be picked up by allied spies (Draconis Combine spies that is)
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Re: Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

Post by npsbre »

The biggest for me is that "too easy" pirate-hunting mission on the Periphery in Mercs. I knew something like that was coming but I actually didn't expect it that mission.
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Re: Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

Post by saracen16 »

From Mech231stCC...
- Zoetermeer (Wolves) - those Summoners that spawn at the end of the mission always end up on top of you even if you had a fast mech.
- MacDuff (Falcons and Wolves) - both the escort mission for that Hellbringer and the capture-and-securing of the shield dome was a bit of a pain.
- Evciler (Falcons) - difficult to keep up with train and eliminate all gunships at the same time
- Wotan (Wolves) - escorting Fetladral's limo that keeps moving and turning... and dealing with those mechs that kept popping up
- Morges (Falcons and Wolves) - the tough part was the last battle for the Falcons. For the Wolves, it was Karetah: brutal covert speed-run mission-thing.

From MW2GBL...
- Probably the hardest missions were the underwater one and the second one in space. Those were tough.

From MW2MERCS...
- Leizen campaign: tough to stay on the ship
- Gravenhague: the first mission especially is tough if you want to rescue all water tanks from the Dread Legion.
- Sigurd: the vehicle mission was annoying, though well-executed regardless.
- Luthien: endless enemy mechs. Never ended a mission without critical damage.

Either way, those "oh, dang!" moments were overshadowed by the "oh, wow!" moments: every single campaign and mission was in a way memorable.
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Re: Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

Post by EviLInsidE »

In MW2Mercs, piloting the Catapult always ends with you getting your cockpit blown out instantly. I loved that mech but jesus, even with maximum head armor that thing could not take a punch to the face.

GBL-Realizing you can beat the game using a firemoth filled with Infernos.

MW2-Playing a game that at least on the surface was one of the first ever sandbox games. I remember wasting hours just exploring the terrain. All you ever got was a little warning saying "leaving mission area", but they never stopped you. Amazing.
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Re: Mechwarrior 2 "oh dang!" Moments

Post by slickrcbd »

I wouldn't say that this was the first Sandbox. Mattel did a game called "Auto Racing" in the late 1970's that had five courses for you to race on. Except that it was one big map and the courses were all laid out right next to each other, it was possible to drive off one track and find any of the other courses. The only difference was the starting point and which checkpoints were active, so that if you crashed when not on the selected track you would be sent back there.

Also there were many other open sandbox games before MW2, like Wasteland, Ultima, etc. In fact, I wouldn't even call this an open sandbox game, since while you can explore the mission area, games like Skyfox or F-15 Strike Eagle let you do the same thing 15 years earlier. Not that there was much to see in either of those. Also the Sierra AGI games were open sandbox. King's Quest series, Police Quest series, Space Quest series, Gold Rush, Lesiure Suit Larry, etc. All from the 1980's.
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