Extract mw3 models and textures to render in blender

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Extract mw3 models and textures to render in blender

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Hello, I would like to extract mw3 models and textures to render in blender. I was successful at exporting textures using ninjaripper (dds) although it'd be nice to get them using mechvm, since it can open rmechtex.zbd and display the textures all in one go. I don't understand what file format it extracts them as though.

Same for the animations - I don't understand the extract format.

The 3d models at least have a file ending - flt. But I don't know how to open them (in blender) is it OpenFlight format by any chance?

Update1: Reading viewtopic.php?p=2104#p2104 reveals that the textures are raw image files. I used GIMP's load image from raw data feature using
Image Type RGB565 Little Endian
Offset 0 (not sure this one is right)
Width 64 (depends on texture though)
Height 64 (depends on texture though)
and this seems to work ok

Update2: I managed importing ninjaripper's 3d models into blender as well but oh my godness - mw3 sure is optimized. all the faces not seen while capturing were not exported.
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