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MechVM - A MechWarrior 2 remake.

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MechVM - Mission Statement

Post by Skyfaller » Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:23 pm

MW2 offered the first glance at what a mech sim could be. It offered exciting gameplay, a thrilling storyline, and state-of-the-art graphics. It delivered space and underwater environments not since seen in a BattleTech simulation. Unfortunately, the game can no longer compete with graphics in modern engines, and some of its editions are difficult to run on current operating systems.

Except for MW3, later mech simulations increasingly deteriorated to mere first person shooters, but an engine that allows for a easy creation of campaigns is still missing. Fan-driven attempts to recreate a mech sim have either stalled or are still closed-source, not allowing for easy adaption to new campaign types or limited to a single platform.

I therefore conclude that it is time to create a new mech simulation, with the following goals:
  • Open Source. Looking at earlier attempts, it is obvious that a new mech sim attempt should be open source in order to encourage modding and to embrace a wide audience.
  • Faithful recreation of MW2, though not blindly so. By accessing original content from MW2, we strive for a look that matches MW2 as closely as possible. However, there are things that were improved in MW3. These improvements include more realistic weapons, and more freedoms in engine choice. Currently, the engine of MW3 does not need to be replaced for playing MW3 content.
  • Modding tools. These are badly missed in MW2 and MW3, because there is a lot of historical background in BattleTech just waiting to be adapted to a simulation. As the effort might not be commercially viable, it is up to the community to create tools and content that will make this happen.
  • Configurability. The communities still supporting MW2 and MW3 do not always agree on what an ideal mech sim should look like. When necessary, options should be added so that MechVM can be configured to please both communities.
  • Platform independence. Like other game recreations, such as ScummVM and the Wing Commander: Privateer remake, the implementation should be chosen such that users are not limited to a specific platform.
"Rome wasn't build in a day". I realize that the above requires succeeding where many good previous efforts did not, but some of the goals are long-term rather than short-term. Looking at the amount of work to be done realistically, help is certainly needed and welcome.

While the open source approach opens up cheating vulnerabilities, some level of secure network playing can be achieved through running all steps that need to be refereed on all participating machines.

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Re: MechVM - Mission Statement

Post by Pepsi-Wolf » Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:56 pm

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Re: MechVM - Mission Statement

Post by Col.Kell » Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:48 pm

I have played MechWarriorII for a whole 10 years, and unlike many other games that have crossed my path over the years only to be forgotten, MW2 has stood fast as one of my favorite games of all time. Bar none. Despite it's age, and despite the fact that it was native to a different era of gaming.

This game was, in my opinion, the founding father of the Mech-shooter genre, Skyfaller is by all means correct; many mech simulators have deteriorated over time. Look at todays examples that are "technologicaly superior"; Chromehounds, Armored Core, and even some of the newer MW games, they simply do not offer what this original masterpiece has.

It brings a tear to my eye that there are devoted, willing to step-to-it type of people out there who are striving to keep this memory alive, only to be stalled by what they don't quite fully understand about the games "gears and coggs". I would love to learn from the original creators of this marvel, I would very much like to have the same tools and knowlage that they had.

A remake of MW2 built with the thoughts, minds, and individual input of fans, would be wonderful to share with everyone!

I will not only continue to test Skyfaller's great program, but I will try my best to seek out the original programers. It may sound far-fetched, but I want to find them! I'm not certain what others may think for themselves, but I want to build with what tools they used, with the work of my own hands!

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Re: MechVM - Mission Statement

Post by mcjagermech » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:35 pm

i gotta agree here , mw2 is one of my favorite games, simple because what it lacked in graphics it made up for in its back storry and customization. mw4 snt even a fraction of what mw2 is, sure its got a better graphics engine and it runs well on current operating systems but its too arcade-ish.
that being said, have you guys checked out AT1 Bt?

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