Trying to record gameplay need help

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Trying to record gameplay need help

Post by nightangel » Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:14 pm

First let me say thanks for the developers of MechVM
Being able to play MW2 mercs is a real treat
What i’m trying to do is record some game play footage for a lets play

I’m have issues with both Dxtory and Mirrillis Action
When i tried to record either the desktop or the game application
It only records MechVM it does not record the MW2 video that I am seeing though it does record the sound
Tried some other games and they work fine
I’m not sure how to fix this
Does anyone have some video record programs that do work with play MW2 mercs and MechVM
I’m using widows 7 32 bit
I'm using the titanium edition of MW2 merc

I was not sure which topic this one belonged in mers 2 forum, video form or mech VM

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