Extracting *all* sounds using MechVM

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Extracting *all* sounds using MechVM

Post by ilgrank »

First of all, let me thank Skyfaller for his MechVM: i was searching for a way to extract MW2 sound since.. well.. years! :)

I've been able to use MechVM with ease, and extracted all the SFL I was interested in. Using the interface, I can either extract all the SFL files OR convert one at a time.. is there a way to export them all as waves OR convert in a batch way the extracted files?
There are hundred of SFL files, and for some strange reason while listening to each of the files MechVM becomes very unresponsive.. it would take days to convert each of the files manually..

Many thanks again for your work!

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Re: Extracting *all* sounds using MechVM

Post by Demonslayer »

Not really sure fresh one
but Skyfaller has not been on since sept
its most likely because he is busy
and sadly he hasn't comeback on
to complete bug issues and add more things

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