Ubuntu & MechVM

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Ubuntu & MechVM

Post by arclight »

So I know there is a very brief set of instructions in the MechVM FAQ for ubuntu but I'm pretty new to ubuntu.

The instruction:

"Then cd to the src directory in MechVM and type:

is where I stumble.

I cant find a mechvm directory or a src directory under that. The search function in the file manager never finds a "mechvm" directory.

Can someone point me to the right location?

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Re: Ubuntu & MechVM

Post by Skyfaller »

I cant find a mechvm directory
Did you download and unpack the MechVM source code? You will also require several development packages, probably SDL-devel and qt-devel - not sure how these are named in Ubuntu.

Why do you want to use MechVM under Linux? You can configure MW2 for DosBox without MechVM.

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