MechWarrior 2 - Mercenaries Patches (DOS/95)

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Re: MechWarrior 2 - Mercenaries Patches (DOS/95)

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yes 1.1 is extremely buggy and does not work properly on XP and above... rarely does it ever work.. i am sorry i cannot help you with this issue.
VMWARE or Microsoft Virtual PC running Windows 98 is about your only hope other than a dual boot to Win 98.
Titanium's music tracks are all cut back to one minute.)
Correct Activision did that we assume because of space on the disc.
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Re: MechWarrior 2 - Mercenaries Patches (DOS/95)

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Has anyone figure out how to get the dynamic salvage to work? I will give up on 1.1 then, as it sounds like it's not worth the trouble. To be honest, my copy of 3DFX has dynamic salvage, but it won't run right. MYG's/Hooby way to get 3DFX to work doesn't work right. Oh well. I might be stuck with Titanium. The great news is that I got my copy of MW2:31CC IBM edition to work in DOS BOX. Love it! I actually like the Titanium version of GBL the best. The music is not cut back and there is better music than the normal version IMO.