Chozo's Weapons Mod - Mech2 95

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Chozo's Weapons Mod - Mech2 95

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Here is chozo's mod for Mech2, it adds a few weapons and replaces some of the weapons that are not used much.
This is not really much use anymore since we use Mech2 DOS now a days. However, it could be used to at least understand how he modified the game.

MW2 Weapons Patch 3.12
MW2 Weapons Patch 2.97.8 BETA

----<<<About This Patch>>>----
This Patch Completes and replaces some weapons which weren't even completed by the developers of this version of Mech2. The incomplete weapons were AMS (anti-Missile System), NUKE, Flamer, and NARC. The Narc and AMS I had replaced with another Weapon because I couldn't provide their proper functionality. The NARC and AMS were replaced with a Clan Machine Gun and Inferno Streak SRM-2. The New Weapons replace one of the most unused weapons in mech2, the LBX Autocannons (don't send me e-mails disagreeing with me. i'm only going by the opinion of others when the LBX-autocannons are involved >_< ). They don't work like they should and work like slow UAC's. If you have mechwarrior 2 installed into it's default directory, it will place 2 other shortcuts into it's program group. These 2 other shortcuts will allow you to enable/disable the patch to switch between the old weapons listing in the mechlab or the new instead of having to use a mech editor to add either weapons.

----<<<Information About the Added Weapons>>>----
Weapon Heat Impact Heat Damage Range Ammo/Ton Weight Criticals
Nuke 30 25 40 1.5 KM 2 7.5 T 4
Flamer 4 6 1 160 m --- 0.5 T 1
Inferno Streak SRM-2 4 3/missile 2/missile 600 m 100 2.0 1
Clan Machine Gun --- --- 1 190 m 200 0.5 1

----<<<Known Bugs/Problems>>>----
--> A Flamer at times will shoot a second time after reloading if the Trigger was pressed just before it reloaded. Only occurs when your group firing flamers. (this May not be a bug with the patch since I have noticed the same thing occur with the ER Lasers even without the patch)

--> May give your screen a blue tint and completely change the mechwarrior 2 shell colors to a blueish color. Only applies to a certain "Special" Operating System (Cauldron29 knows what i'm talking about... LOL)

----<<<Frequently Asked Questions>>>----
Q: Mplayer at times asks me to Download a patch of about 300-500KB when ever this weapons patch is installed, how can I get around this?
1) There is a link in your start menu that will lead you to the "MPlayer Filecheck Bypass". If Mech2 was installed into it's default path, it should be "Programs\MW Resource\MW2 Weapons Patch\Patch Settings\" but if it was installed into a custom directory, it will be in a folder directed to by a link called "Patch Extentions" in "Programs\MW Resource\MW2 Weapons Patch\"

2) For now, try closing the mplayer software and reopening it, then re-enter the lobby. it won't detect the patch most likely since there is a random check for the other files being modified. So what I'm saying is, sometimes it will detect it, sometimes it won't and when detected, restarting mplayer would help to avoid it being detected again for your session. I have also found out that repinging, or pressing join on the pager will cause the full file check to occur. you could also just wait till mplayer asks for the patch press download later and wait 1 min. then reping and it's should have checked successfully without patching up anything.

Q: Will you patch MechLab Maid (MLM) to show the new weapons?

no, i cannot. i do not have the utilities nor resources to do so.

Q: I downloaded Mplayer's patch and when I launch into a game, the new weapons no longer work. Also, the mechwarrior 2 pic on the mplayer software still says "Mech Weapons Patch x.xx.xx is currently installed" but the patch doesn't work, why is this?
When you download the patch mplayer asks you to download, it writes over the patched files and so, the patch will no longer work. All you have to do is re-patch it and it should be fine again.

Q: When I use the new weapons VS my opponent, they do not damage him or affect him in any way. Why is this?
The reason for this is that you opponent must also have this patch installed for it to have any effect. If your going to use the new weapons, ask your opponent if he has the patch also installed (and if so, what version). If not, ask him to install it or go into battle without the new weapons.

----<<<Future developments upon this patch>>>---
--> Adding the weapons to the weapons list without replacing any entries in the MechLab
--> A more permanent workaround with the mplayer file check for mech2

----<<<Version History>>>----

Re-Wrote installer (all in one)
Combined the MPlayer bypass, Shell Switches, Installer, Uninstaller, into 1
Enbedded the Cascading Style Sheet into the HTML Readme
Added more command line options
Backs up actual patch files for a repair if needed.
Now creates a link to the custom install path (if not installed into default path)
Installer and others perform error checking before continuing
Removed line from Bypass for Auto Mech2 Lobby re-entry (Was crashing MPlayer)
Corrected other various Problems in installer and others (I forgot what... >_<)
Corrected a value in MW2.DLL which caused bots to use flamers at incorrect range
Found out the true weapons Ranges. MechLab now shows correct range for each
Added a debugger that shows the exact error for a problem
Corrects any errors pertaining to missing files (and if mech2 is running)
Debugger logs the most recent error to DEBUG.TXT
Asks if your sure about uninstalling and Peforms a Complete Uninstall if Yes.
Fixed very minor error in MW2SHELL.DLL which showed the MECHLAB Quicktip with an early carriage return at the end of the Quicktip.
Installs a registry entry which will make the little button at top of the MPlayer software link to my site (the button that says "MechWarrior 2"

Added Command-Line Parameters to installer
Added install options before patching start
Combined EN.BAT & DIS.BAT into ENDIS.BAT (shell switches more reliable)
Combined the custom and non-custom directory batches
MPlayer Bypass automatically re-enters you into lobby
MPlayer bypass also checks for an incomplete bypass
MPlayer bypass Performs Multiple Error Checks
Shell Switches Verify (Mostly) the changes and restores missing files
Installs Registry entry for mplayer that enables the button URL at top.
Corrected attribute switch order in most of the batches
Pretty much re-wrote all of the batches

Added an MPlayer File Check Bypass Utility
The Shell Switches are now more reliable

Corrected some minor problems with the shell switching
Corrected some minor problems when uninstalling
Corrected a few problems in the reinstalling sequence

Installer Backs up original files before patching
Added a complete installer/uninstaller.
Added The Ability to switch between weapons lists
Added Program Group and Shortcuts to the Readme and shell switches
Added the NetMechw.dll File to this Install

Modified the Inferno Streak SRM-2's firing sound
Added 80m Minimum Range to the Nuke
Slightly Decreased the Nuke's Speed
Nuke MAX lock range was too long. That has been corrected.
Nuke didn't go as far as it's lock. That has been corrected.
Inferno Streak SRM-2 MAX lock range was too short. That has been corrected.
Inferno Streak SRM-2 didn't go as far as it's lock. That has been corrected.
Made HTML Version of the Readme

Added the New Weapons to the MechLab.
The LBX AC's were replaced by the New Weapons in the weapons list.
Rearranged the Weapons Table to accommodate the New Weapons addition
Slightly increased Flamer Impact Heat
Slightly lowered the Nuke's Initial Heat upon fire
Slightly decreased the Nuke's Weight and Critical usage

Added the New Weapons Values info to the mech lab for the correct Weight, Damage, Heat, Range, Ammo, and Criticals.
Can now arrange the ammo allocation for the new weapons in the mech lab
Can now change the ammo amount for the new weapons in the mech lab

Patcher now Re-enables the correct attributes for the patched files.
Inferno Streak SRM-2's now cause less impact heat and a bit more damage.
Corrected the range of the Inferno Streak SRM-2 (only went 320m instead of 600m).

Removed NetmechW.dll from the patch to prevent MPlayer from detecting the modified files. It has been moved to another Version of this patcher for those who do not play Mech2 through

Made it a Basic Self Extractor for installation since some testers had trouble figuring out how to install this patch.

Decreased the NUKES damage to 40 points and Increased it's range to 1.5k
Redone the Flamer to make it appear better, balanced out it's heat to impact heat ratio, and increased it's speed and range a bit.

Inferno Streak SRM-2 now causes a bit more heat to help balance out it's Heat to Impact Heat ratio.
Halved the Flamers Shot Count to decrease "BLANKS" or absent shots

Modified the NetmechW.dll file to make the New Weapons ID's and Ammo amount appear as they should
Modified the MW2shell.dll File to make the New Weapons ID's appear as they should
Completed the Inferno Streak SRM-2.

Completed The NUKE.

Made the Clan Machine Gun much more similar to the Normal Machine gun but increased its' Range and Fire Rate a bit.

1.00.0 (First Release)
Completed the Clan Machine Gun and Flamer.

BETA Testers:

Thanks all! I wouldn't have gotten this far without you! ^_^
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