95 1.1 patch for MW2 DOS Mercs (request)

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95 1.1 patch for MW2 DOS Mercs (request)

Post by Demonslayer » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:52 am

ok long time no see due to the fact that my Mercs platnium (Bp mercs ask sirmppd radick he saw it himself) had a resolution issue
i just gave up and will wait till activision releases their source for the mw2 (if it ever happens)
so im now turning back to the beautiful game that started it all (a man can dream XP)
MW2 Mercs DOS
this game was perfect for me fast paced action, high resolutions,Music,beautiful scenes
now the only problems for me is that
it had no engine editor,smaller cheat texts,and dynamic salvage high resolutions and no music (so i played pyrelight)
now platnium had engine editors, dynamic salvage and smaller cheat texts along with a mission selector and i want all of that added to dos but that will need someone to make a patch
unfortunately im familiar with hex editing but not that well so i ask if someone can try to make a patch so i can run Dos with everything perfect for me

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