(MERCS)all mechs in instant action and 2 aero in campaign

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(MERCS)all mechs in instant action and 2 aero in campaign

Post by Demonslayer » Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:59 pm

I read about a glitch on the net that lets you take salvage from one save to another .
I put it in the mechlist.txt and you will need to have dynamic salvage in order for this to work
alright back on track.
while doing so and reading about adding mechs i thought about editing my save to have salvage and it worked. I thought and figured maybe you guys would like to play as a Highlander,Direwolf,Grimreaper,Elemental,Battlearmor along with other mechs that were not included for the games campaign so i give you this .
I am planning on trying to add the other mechs in GBL and 31ST
so heres the 2 aero space and mechs :D .
this is what i used to play as instant action mechs in Mercs BP
(213.29 KiB) Downloaded 315 times

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