mechwarrior 2 mercs mechs to gbl (titanium)

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mechwarrior 2 mercs mechs to gbl (titanium)

Post by Demonslayer » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:38 pm

ok people i managed to edit some files using a hex editor for campaign gbl because of how i saw this on mercenaries


i added the Dragons just for a test and ran perfectly just for my needs but then i thought to my self *why not try to edit the others using the same certain parts*
so i went ahead and tryed and got a working Dragon with innersphere weapons that had no error or trouble at all neither problems with the textures but all this could take us to a new step and you could reverse the thing and make gbl and mech2 mechs into mercs like the battlemaster and marauder also i could not take a snapshot using crtl-p
credit goes to skyfaller for making this possible and sirmmpdraddick for the hex editing tips for me to edit the file
but heres the edited campaign file and also add your own mechs too it but read the readme #1 and #2
first but you will need winrar to open the file ( GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!).
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edited campaign.rar
(2.07 KiB) Downloaded 251 times

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