Adding a new clan to MechWarrior 2 intro screen

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Re: Adding a new clan to MechWarrior 2 intro screen

Postby navbuoy » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:42 pm

Have to work on this infernal clipping issue since I edited the BWD (using the Firemoth.BWD as it is the largest one of the mechs) I cut out all the other LODs and by doing that it clips the background since the EXE is defaulting to LODs at certain distances and not finding them in the BWD but when I replace it with a full older BWD it works just fine. I have to basically rebuild this carefully without making this new BWD too large and accidentally damage the PRJ I am messing with otherwise it is back to the drawing board with all my WTBs which is only 11 of them (since I just recycled the legs and feet) plus the BWD.

I was hoping to turn off the LODs but it seems like it's part of the EXE which makes sense. Naturally my only option is to duplicate my single LOD 5 times...I believe the last (fifth) LOD is actually the cockpit since it seems to point to weird Polys which have faces deleted leading me to believe it is a cockpit view.

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