Was Feeling Nostalgic, So Hi

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Was Feeling Nostalgic, So Hi

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Had a bit of nostalgia hit as I was searching through some old archived data. I came across some stuff from my first gaming romance, MW2, and my deep dive into early Internet gaming (Kali, MPlayer, ah, the memories). This effectively launched my career into technology/programming/devops/etc. back in 1996. It's funny how some things get started in life isn't it. Yes, MW2 was the catalyst for a 20 plus year career in technology, wow, just wow. :D

Just wanted to share some of my work from back then and this seemed like the right place for it.

So without further ado, please enjoy the recently necromanced NavAlpha site with the webified MECHWARRIOR 2 : ARCHIVE HOLOPROJECTORS:


There is a little homage to some early hacking of NetMech, Win95 version, on the site as well.

Very awesome that there is still a torch being carried for this game!

Cheers all!
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Re: Was Feeling Nostalgic, So Hi

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Great to have you back!

That is an interesting coincidence: One of our members is working on a website with the same domain name!

Join us in Discord, would be great to have you!
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